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Youth Music Revisited

by Chrystian Rawk

Olympia (Rancid) (free) 04:18
Bikeage (Descendents) (free) 03:21
Linoleum (NOFX) (free) 03:55
Society (Pennywise) (free) 05:07


Recorded in my bedroom, Mark's living room and Bijan's bedroom with minimal technical expertise and maximum approximation, over the Winter of 2012.


released June 26, 2012

Christian Carpenter - Upright Bass, Acoustic Guitar, Vocals, Arrangements. Mark Clifford - Vibraphone, Melodica, Bows, Glockenspiel; Cans & Coin/T-Shirt Tom on 4. Derek Barber - 12 String Guitar, Electric Guitar. Aaron Gold - Percussion. Elise Cumberland - Vocals. Bijan Sharifi - Mixing & Mastering.

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Although my personal music collection began with Green Day’s Dookie, it wasn’t until 6 years later that I would attempt to learn how to play. In the interim between childhood and “adolescence” I had stumbled 6 years into the future and arrived 12 years into the past. With Dookie as the pivot point I had somehow inverted time and found the album that, for me, will always symbolize the birth of my musicianship, the spirit of creativity and the possibility of music to effect change. Operation Ivy’s Knowledge was the catalyst for my foray into basement jamming and the endless grappling of fret to finger coordination. But more importantly, it was the first music I had heard that inspired serious reflection on the immense power of song, and from that longing I discovered Punk. Rather, I had discovered “my” Punk: Rancid, Descendents, Pennywise, NOFX; mostly contemporary, entirely Californian and definitely inspired by the street-side storytelling of the genre’s patriarchs, The Clash.

Over the years, drifting from one musical mask to another, I somehow began to write songs of my own. Through this process and all of its shortcomings, I’ve grown increasingly fascinated with how the “content” of a song is perceived in radically different ways by only subtle variations in “context.” YOUTH MUSIC REVISITED is an attempt to create a context that could attract an entirely different audience; an attempt to demonstrate that these songs are gorgeous, important, and transcendent of any one genre.




Chrystian Rawk Oakland, California

Chrystian Rawk is a 4 piece Oakland based outfit committed to the honest fight for sanity in face of the many petty metaphysical crisis's of early adulthood.

Chrystian Rawk is a derivative, post-grunge, ABABCB song form, guitar centered rawk band.

Chrystian Rawk is holding nothing back.
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